404 Page Editor

by WP Hippos


404 Page Editor is a convenient way to use custom text for the default 404 page for your WordPress website. We will add more custom designed, seasonal or industry-related 404 pages and please feel free to use any of those and change the text as you please.

This is the very first release and we will be adding more templates and features as we go.

How does it work?

  1. 404 Page Editor duplicates your current 404.php page to wp-content/uploads/404-page-editor/
  2. Then copies your current 404 page to 404_backup.php in that same wp-content/uploads/404-page-editor/ folder.
  3. You are then free to change the text of a default WordPress 404 page.

Word of warning

  1. Should you delete the 404 Page Editor plugin, links to any custom 404 page designs will be removed and you will still be able to use the default 404 page that existed before installing 404 Page Editor.


Features available:

  1. Backup your current 404 page.
  2. Restore the backed up 404 page at any time.
  3. Change the default text on the custom designed 404 page
  4. Change the default text on the default 404 pages.
  5. Something else about the plugin


Last updated:
Active installations:
WordPress Version:
4.7 or higher
Tested up to:
PHP Version:
5.5 or higher