5 Stars Rating Funnel WordPress Plugin | RRatingg

by Saleswonder.biz


Since 2021, RRatingg is the only WordPress plugin that implements a rating funnel with a large number of interfaces to other programs. It generates more and better 5-star reviews and supports the Google Customer Survey. Connections to MyBusiness, ProvenExpert, TrustedShops and much more is available in the rating system.

More & Better REVIEWs, Ratings and 5 Stars for your business

  • You have the fully automated options to ask your satisfied customers to rate and your dissatisfied customers to provide feedback.
  • Your customers are automatically prompted for feedback, which means you get significantly more reviews. All that without you having to invest any time.
  • Import your contacts from different platforms (Zapier, CRM, CSV,) into the rating plugin and send them on different platforms (MyBusiness, TrustPilot, Facebook, TrustedShops,..).
  • You will receive a clear strategy with which you will gain new ratings every day. This is how you will become a customer magnet and the top provider in your industry.


  1. Better Conversion-Rate
  2. Better CTR
  3. Less trouble
  4. You don’t have to beg for reviews
  5. Higher stars rating rates


1 Invitation

After the service has been provided, your customers are requested by e-mail to submit an internal evaluation. If a customer does not comply with this request, he can be reminded again after a period of time of your choice.

2a Negative feedback

After leaving negative feedback, dissatisfied customers are navigated to a form to describe their problem. This feedback remains internal and does not influence your public rating score. A reminder function is also possible here if the customer does not provide a more detailed description of the problem.

2b Positive feedback

In the next step, satisfied customers are invited to submit a public rating. There are several ways to do this, which are pointed out to the customer. There is also a reminder function here if the customer does not provide feedback.

Google Ads Stars Rating

In both cases, the Google customer survey can be conducted for Google Ads stars.

3 Result

With our system you generate an above-average evaluation score, which increases your sales and your customer proximity and sets you apart from your competitors. You can even turn negative feedback from your customers positive by systematically improving the points mentioned. In the long run, this will make it even easier for you to gain additional positive reviews that represent your company.


  • 1 stars rating funnel
  • 1 custom rating link: for Facebook etc.
  • Form for adding contacts
  • Invitation email to the rating funnel
  • Control the contacts for rating invitation and feedback generation.
  • Choose between 1 to 5 stars or icons, such as thumbs up/down
  • 50 invitations in the first month, 10 per month thereafter

Trial & Premium-Features

  • Unlimited number of rating funnels: Use different funnels for different products or services
  • 2 custom rating links: for Facebook, TrustPilot, ProvenExpert, etc.
  • Bulk CSV import: import all your contacts with just a few clicks
  • Interfaces / API
  • Contact import for Zapier, etc.: Automatically add your contacts from different CRMs or stores to your rating funnel via interface / API & Zapier.
  • Reminder emails for invitations, ratings and feedback: Achieve a higher rating rate with tag-based reminder emails.
  • Contact import via interface / API: Easy installation with video tutorials
  • Reminder emails with direct links to review platforms: Achieve higher review rates due to fewer clicks for the customer
  • Negative feedback disables rating redirection: You can disable the rating redirection on the last page of the funnel
  • Google customer reviews for stars on Google search ads: The cheapest way to add star ratings to your Google search ads
  • Trusted Shops connection for store and product ratings
  • In the free trial phase: 100 rating invitations (including free version), then 10 requests in the free version per month
  • Premium: Unlimited review requests: invite your customers to the funnel every day and enjoy many reviews
  • 5 Stars Rating Premium support


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