51Degrees – Optimize by Device & Location

by 51Degrees


Integrating 51Degrees Device Detection with your website will allow you to make informed decisions about what content a user engages with and how it is displayed. Combining the information learned from your analytics data with real-time enhanced device data on your website will empower you to produce a page built for that specific devices needs. Taking this one step further, you have an additional 224 device properties available to enhance your user’s user experience. The possibilities are endless as to what you can do with the information – its remarkably powerful.

This plugin makes use of the 51Degrees Pipeline API to deliver various data intelligence services. You can also add custom dimensions to your Google Analytics solution which will enhance your analytical data. With 51Degrees you can capture data that Google Analytics doesn’t readily collect, such as detailed information on specific device hardware.


Integration With Google Analytics

51Degrees plugin allows you to add the Device Data Properties as Custom Dimensions to Google Analytics in a seamless and useful manner. The integration is super simple and does not require the help of a developer to set up the integration. Once you integrate Google Analytics in WordPress using 51Degrees, you will be able to fetch the Custom Dimensions in the Google Analytics Custom Reports to get the useful insights.

Advanced Features and Developer Info

For advanced feature usage, including in-page value replacement and shortcodes, conditional display based on property values, and access to 51 Degrees property data from PHP and JavaScript, see the project GitHub repository.


Please submit any issues or problems to the GitHub repository issues page.


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