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Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce plugin offers cart recovery for merchants. The high abandoned cart rate is one of the biggest issues faced by online sellers. Many studies show cart abandonment rates as high as 80%. Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce is a plugin that gives you reports on abandoned users. With help of these reports, you can know the exact reason behind the high abandonment rates.

Is the loss of sales and high cart abandonment rates are the dreams that are haunting you?

Dont worry weve come up with a one-stop solution for all your problems. The Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce solution that will:

  • Give you advance reports of abandoned carts.
  • Send automated emails to your lost customers.
  • Create abandoned cart workflow.

Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce Features :

  1. Email popup on Add To Cart button.
  2. Capture customer email on checkout.
  3. Get a complete list of abandoned carts.
  4. Win-back unregistered users as well.
  5. Support for variable products.
  6. Get notification when an abandoned cart is recovered and the purchase is made.
  7. Customizable workflow for abandoned carts.
  8. Advance reports for abandoned products.
  9. Disable tracking for selected user roles.


1) Advanced Reports For Abandoned Products

The plugin gives some advance reports for your abandoned carts in the admin dashboard panel. Therefore, allowing the merchants to take an informed decision before making an abandoned cart recovery strategy.

The Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce offers the following reports

  • The number of abandoned carts recovered.
  • The total number of abandoned carts.
  • The total number of visitors from abandoned cart emails.
  • The conversion rate of abandoned carts.
  • The number of times a product had been abandoned.

2) Create Workflow For Abandoned Customers

The Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce has a workflow that allows you to send emails for your abandoned carts. As an admin, you can capture the eMails of your customers in the following ways:

  • Through a popup before add-to-cart for the guest user.
  • You can capture the emails of your customers from the checkout page.
  • The plugin even allows you to capture the emails of your non-registered customers.
  • You can Send coupons according to the abandoned cart.

With the help of this workflow, you can send automated emails to your customers within a specific span of time.

3) WPML Support

The plugin has WPML support which you can use in your local language. You can also use the Loco Translate plugin to translate the strings into another language.

4) Send Automated Emails To Abandoned Users

The Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce plugin lets you sent automated emails to your abandoned shoppers. As a merchant, you can set the time period after which you can send your customers. The plugin allows you to send up to 3 customizable emails through a single workflow. Also, you can dynamically add the abandoned cart information of your shoppers in the email.

5) Capture Customer Emails

The plugin captures the customers email addresses so that you can win them back and boost your conversion rates. Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce captures the emails of your shoppers:

Firstly, when the customer adds a product to the cart through a popup.
Secondly, when the customer is on the checkout page.

Visit for Free Demo of Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce Documentation and learn more about the features and working of the plugin.

Upcoming Premium Features

  • Capture IP addresses so as to block bots.
  • Admin gets notified via email when any cart abandonment happens.
  • Add exclusive emails- workflow to your abandoned cart emails.
  • Track the status of your coupons.
  • A complete log of email; emails opened and links clicked.
  • Log of every recovery made through the emails sent by the plugin to abandoned cart customers.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Compatibility with various contact forms like CF7, Ninja Forms, and Gravity Forms.
  • Exit intent popup.
  • Exclusive coupons for your users on their first visit to your store.


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