AC STOP Content Copier

by Adapt Coder


This plugin will help keep away programmatic content scrapers by protecting your VALUABLE CONTENT with a three layers of checks.

Similar to Google: Show CAPTCHA for suspicious visitors and never lose the REAL ONES.

Layer 1: This is the most basic stripping out programming languages user agents like cURL* (used by PHP and many others), libwww-perl (used by Perl language to scrape websites), scrappy (library used by Python, Ruby) and many others.

Layer 2: A bot will always browse very fast and it will be able to browse a lot of your pages within a very low seconds range. The plugin detects this and shows a captcha to the visitor to make sure it isnt a bot.

Layer 3: Complex behaviour computation a bot is set to crawl your site at the same time using a cronjob. We detect that by using a three day comparison. If such a scraper is detected, the guest is asked for a CAPTCHA to ensure it is legit!
Also, to keep you updated with whats happening in the background, WP STOP CONTENT Copier is logging everything so you can analyze: IP addresses asked for CAPTCHA and the result: (COMPLETED CAPTCHA OR FAILED)

Start protecting your valuable content from thiefs and avoid having duplicates on search engines.


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