AccessWise – Power to restrict your website and it's content via Age Gate, Force Login, Disable Right click

by Engramium


AccessWise, the plugin that lets you restrict or control access of your website visitors easily. It currently has three default systems or gate to give you the complete control over your website content:

  • Age Verification
  • Force Login
  • Disable Right Click for Copy/Paste Prevention

Age Gate: Age Verification

Add an age verification pop-up before a visitor wants to enter your website. If verified, the visitor will be able to access the website content. Otherwise, a message will appear and the visitor wont be able to access it. A cookie will remember the response and will grant or reject the access accordingly for the visits afterward. For age-sensitive industries i.e. websites dealing with alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and more, this age verification option of AccessWise can be the easiest solution.

Force Users To Login Before Viewing Website Content

Preserve your valuable website content for the registered users only. This is the most needed feature for any membership website. So, if you want to make your website content exclusive, use the Login/Register Based Restriction feature of AccessWise. Give access to your web pages to the logged in users only. It will help to collect more members for a website and keep your content secure from public access.

Prevent Text Selection and Copy/Paste on Your WordPress Site

Need to stop people stealing content from your website? Use this Right-Click disabler on your website. When someone will try to select texts or other content from your site, they wont be able to do it. Because the right-click will be disabled completely for your website. You can show a message if you want. Thus you can protect your valuable content without any coding, just with a few clicks.


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