Accumulus Subscription Commerce

by Accumulus


This plugin enables you to include signup and customer self-service subscription management widgets connected to an Accumulus Subscription Commerce platform account into your new or existing WordPress website to achieve fully automated paid content subscriptions for your website’s premium content.

The Accumulus Subscription Commerce platform provides you with all the tools needed to fully automate your customer lifecycles, including plans, signup, payments, notifications, reporting, and much more. When combined with WordPress, the leading content management and website solution on the web, it creates a powerful content monetization platform to monetize your paid/premium content online.

Please note that you will need an Accumulus account to use this WordPress plug-in. If you do not have an Accumulus account, you can obtain one at

You can use the WordPress shortcode (details below) to configure and include the signup plugin. In order to use the customer portal plugin, you have to connect the Accumulus WordPress plugin via the Accumulus settings page in WordPress to an Accumulus to an account (either test or live), you can use the portal shortcode and associated attributes to display the customer self-service widget. Please note that you must use HTTPS on those pages within your site to use those widgets.

Signup Shortcode

[accumulus_signup_form code="YOUR_PLAN_CODE_GOES_HERE" tenant_id="YOUR_ACCUMULUS_ID_GOES_HERE"]

Optional attributes:

browser_unsupported_message – text/html for custom ‘browser unsupported’ message
cancellation_message – text/html shown upon cancellation of signup
collect_coupon – true/false value for showing coupon input (defaults to ‘false’)
confirmation_message – text/html for sign up confirmation,
default_country_code – default country code (defaults to ‘US’)
environment – environment setting (defaults to “live”, specify “test” for test)
layout – determines layout of signup form as either ‘single-step’ or ‘multi-step’ (default)
payment_method_types – comma separated list of supported payment method types (defaults to ‘credit-card’)
reseller_id – reseller id
base_resource_url – base resource url for loading language file (defaults to /public/resources)
sections – comma separated list of supported sections (defaults to let plug-in determine needed sections)

Customer Subscription Management Shortcode


Optional attributes:

environment – defaults to “live”, specify “test” for test environment
custom_css – custom CSS for signup widget
show_profile – true/false to show profile section
show_subscription_list – true/false to show subscriptions section
show_statement_history – true/false to show statements section
show_balance – true/false to show balance section
show_usage_history – true/false to show usage history section
show_usage_balances – true/false to show usage balance section
show_payment_methods – true/false to show payment methods section
show_make_payment – true/false to show make payment section
subscription_list_cancel_subscription – true/false to allow cancel
payment_methods_show_credit_cards – true/false to show credit card(s)
payment_methods_show_bank_accounts – true/false to show bank account(s)
payment_methods_show_billing_agreements – true/false to show PayPal account(s)
paypal_confirmurl – PayPal confirmation Url
paypal_cancelurl – PayPal cancellation Url


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