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The ACh Updates and Notices Manager is an easy way to manage all your WordPress updates and notifications with one click! for example, Disable all updates or notifications, Disable automatic updates, Hide errors and warnings messages, Update themes and plugins from the zip file and etc.

ACh Updates Manager Features You’ll Absolutely love

Disable all WordPress updates and notifications

Disable all WordPress core, themes, plugins, and translations updates and notifications.

Hide all notices from WordPress dashboard

Disable all notices from the WordPress dashboard. e.g. errors, updates, warning, rate us, license, dismissible and etc.

Disable plugins updates and notifications

Disable the WordPress plugins updates and notifications.

Disable themes updates and notifications

Disable the WordPress themes updates and notifications.

Disable WordPress core update and notifications

Disable the WordPress core update and notifications.

Hide WordPress core update notice

Hide WordPress core update notice from the WP dashboard.

Update theme and plugin from zip file

This feature allows you to update plugins and themes using a zip file. While upgrading, a backup copy of the old theme or plugin is first created. This allows you to install the old version in case of problems with the new version.

What Makes The ACh Updates Manager Different?

  • Powerful free updates and notices manager.
  • Easy-To-Setup User Interface.
  • It wont break your website.
  • All features in one place! theonlyWordPress Plugin that you can manage updates, notices and update plugin from zip file.
  • Professional support – if you need any help you can send an email or open a support ticket on the support forum.


If you want to contribute to the translation,please visit our translation section. We appreciate all the translation help we can get.


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