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Woo Advanced Customer Dashboard is a very unique and award wining WooCommerce plugin to decorate your ultimate client dash. Maximum WooCommerce Store business Owner’s never think at the side of User’s end panel. But real scenerio is when a users came to purchase from your store they need to signup into your store, after that your user purchase some goods from your shop’s. But just imagine when they are going to check their order status or shipping tracking info or trying to find out wishlist product’s what they wants to buy few hours later or direct messaging system against their particular order to store manager or simple refund policy system against any order or they didn’t send custom request products to your manager. In a word they not found all the facilities from your store’s. Thats’ why they visited your online store’s but feel no interest to buy. It’s true. If you don’t believe check your google analytics and we are sure that you will found a huge bounce rate over there. You never give them to this features because you will not found any plugin like our Woo Advanced Customer Dashboard Plugin. Use this plugin, do more profit and enhance your customer’s happiness.

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Advantages of Woo Customer Dashboard Plugin Features

Woo Advanced Customer Dashboard Plugin Free Version Features –

Easy Installation.
Use’s Panel Backend (Customer Dashboard Interactive Design fully Free)
Custom Product Request (Per day three custom request acceptable)
Pending & Rejected Options from Admin Panel for Custom Requested Product’s
Enhanced Notifications (Unlimited notifications)
Shipping Tracking (Per day three shipping tracking can be viewed)
Add Custom Traveler Name (Unlimited)
Promotional Offer Can be Assign to User’s Panel Unlimited
Shortcode Added
100% Mobile Friendly
Very Easy Navigation Panel For Admin User’s
SEO friendly

Woo Advanced Customer Dashboard Plugin Pro Version Details
Woo Advanced Customer Dashboard Plugin Demo
Web Url :

Woo Advanced Customer Dashboard Pluginwillgive you the full interactive user’s dashboard with very enhancing features which will be converted to more sale.

Woo Advanced Customer Dashboard Plugin PRO Version Features –



Admin Can Design Customer’s Dashboard from a Page or Post
Admin Can Send Their Promotional Offer To Customer Dashboard Easily
Admin Can Place Featured Product Info to Their Every User’s
Custom Product Request (Unlimited)
Very Nice Search Boxes Custom Product Request
Custom Product Request Button from WooCommerce Shop Page by Shortcode
Custom Product Request Button from WooCommerce Listing Page by Shortcode
Wishlist Button or Save for Later Button from Shop Page
Admin Can Set The Price Breakdown for Each Products Before A Product Published, Admin Can Add Price Breakdown like Product Price: $10, Traveler Will Takes – $2, Shipping Price – $1.5, Or Any Breakdown Can Be Place.
Admin Can See All Custom Requested Products As A Pending Request Item from His/Her Dashboard
Admin Can Approved Custom Requested Products from His/Her Dashboard
All Custom Requested Products User’s Can See from His/Her Account Panel As a Pending View
All Rejected Custom Requested Items User Can See from His/Her Rejected Tab
All Approved Custom Requested Products User’s Can View from His/Her Account Cart Tab
User’s/Customer’s Can View The Price Breakdown of Each Order from His/Her Order List Tab
After Cancelled Any Product Order User Can Ask for Refund.
Customer’s Can Send A Message for Their Particular Order or To Know Product Update Info
Admin Can Make a Handy Conversation With Their Customer’s from Backend
Admin Can Set The Custom Product Delivery Time for a Single Order
Admin Can Set The Traveller Name from His Dashboard
Admin Can Set Custom Shipping Tracking Label & Info
User’s Can Track Their Shipping Info from Their Account
Placeholder Labeling for Custom Request Note And Search Boxes
Shortcode Added
100% mobile friendly.
Very Easy Navigation Panel For Admin User’s.
SEO friendly

Support, Bug Fix, Feature Request

Your are always welcome for your feedback and new feature requests for this Woo Advanced Customer Dashboard Plugin! *
Don’t worry to contact us for any problem or need help with Woo Advanced Customer Dashboard Plugin through WordPress support centre or Help & Info page in the plugin backend panel.


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