If you have users who haven’t been on your site for ages, or even registered, and never returned, this is the plugin for you. It creates the ability for your site to start recording when your users login, so you can see exactly when they last did.

Then, the plugin provides a simple user table so you can see the last login date and time for each of your users. The user email is also displayed, so you can make contact and persuade them to come back. You can also delete one or many users directly from the table.

Pro Features

The Pro Edition builds on the free version by adding some cool features.

  • Set an inactive date, for example six months, after which your users become ‘inactive’.
  • Set a grace period, which gives users a final period of time by when they must Login.
  • Send an email to users warning them they have to login by a certain date or they may be removed.
  • Enhanced user table to filter users who are inactive, or in a grace period.
  • Deletion queue to quickly remove all inactive users from your site.


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5.6 or higher