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Integrate Contact Form 7 (CF7) signup forms into your website, online store and / or blog through your ActiveTrail account.

ActiveTrail is a popular, world leading email marketing and marketing automation software platform.

ActiveTrail’s integration plugin allows you to connect your CF7 web-forms, which help convert visitors to your site into actively engaged customers.

ActiveTrail’s Contact Form 7 plug-in allows you to integrate your WordPress website with yourActiveTrailaccount.

Create new contacts, update existing contact information and grow your contact list – all using just one plug-in with a few minutes of setup.


ActiveTrail is fully GDPR compliant and all data is stored in our EU servers.

ActiveTrail is also ISO 20007 security compliant,

Terms and Conditions

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Why use the ActiveTrail – Contact Form 7 plugin?

  1. Extremely easy and simple to use. Rapid installation.
  2. Enjoy all the benefits and capabilities of the popular Contact Form 7.
  3. Highly secure and user friendly integration. Will not slow down your website at all.

What can you do with CF7 to ActiveTrail plugin?

Connect your website and blog CF7 signup forms to your ActiveTrail account.

Automatically add new subscribers to your contact lists and groups.

Send your subscribers stunning newsletters, email campaigns, autoresponders, surveys, and SMS campaigns

Design and implement a variety of automations.

Integrate your Contact Form 7 with ActiveTrail in three easy steps:

  1. Add the ActiveTrail plugin to your CF7 forms.
  2. Collect subscribers.
  3. Use ActiveTrail to email them attractive email campaigns and newsletters.

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ActiveTrail Let’s You:

  • Manage your contact lists and segment your contacts into groups.
  • Personalize your emails and SMS messages for results-driven, targeted email-marketing campaigns that increase engagement.
  • Build marketing automation flows and funnels to automate your email marketing efforts.
  • Create professional, great looking signup forms and add them to your website, store, blog and / or landing pages as embedded forms, anywhere on your page, as floating forms, or as eye-catching popups.
  • Create landing pages for lead generation, data collection, email subscription, and sales execution.
  • Get your opt-in email marketing campaigns past SPAM filters and delivered straight to your subscribers inboxes, with nearly 100% deliverability.

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