Animate any element on your page.

Setup motion in a timeline for any element on your page.

ACTUS Motion is a unique plugin that lets you give life to your webpages. A professional timeline lets you refine your motion timing and parameters. Animation can begin playing on page load, when the element is revealed on screen after scrolling or when the element clicked or hovered.


  • MOVE, ROTATE, SCALE, FADE, BLUR any element on your screen.
  • Seperate timing for each motion track.
  • Drag motion tracks in the timeline to adjust animation timing.
  • Customize parameters for every motion track.
  • Animate elements IN or OUT of their original position.
  • Adjust the zoom of the timeline view.
  • Multiple timelines for multiple elements.
  • Customize the animation starting event (on load, on reveal, on click, on hover).


In the bottom of the edit post/page screen, you can see the ACTUS Motion Metabox.

* Click on the ADD ITEM button to add a motion item.
* Enter an element id or class name in the ELEMENT field (eg: ‘#example’ or ‘.example’).
* Select the starting event (on page load, on reveal after scroll, on click, on hover).
* Select animate OUT if you want to animate the element away of its original position.
* Select a motion track (move,zoom,rotate,fade,blur).
* Click the ADD MOTION button to add the motion track to the timeline.
* Drag the motion track to adjust its starting time.
* Drag the motion track right edge to adjust its duration.
* Click on the icon on the left of the motion track, to open the parameters.
* Add as many motion tracks as you want.
* Update the post or page to save the changes.

Now you can preview your post/page and watch the motion you have applied.

You can find more details about the plugin settings in our website ACTUS Motion.


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