Acurax On Click Pop Under

by Acurax


Acurax on click pop under plugin allows administrator to configure a set of website url in the plugin settings..which will open as pop under on visitors browser.

A Quick Look

 Configure Multiple URLS

 Random URL is Picked and Open as Pop Under

 Controlled by Cookie and So Will Open Only Once in a Session

 Can Configure Cookie Timeout

 Automatic Integration

 Easy to Configure

It will open only once per cookie session. There is also option to configure the cookie timeout.

When Pop Under is opening on visitor click, Plugin will save a cookie in visitors browser and so the popunder will not open again until the configured timeout.

For example If we set cookie time out to 60 minutes, Pop under will open on visitors click. Once its opened, It will not open again for the next 60 minutes.

Need More Features

Acurax OnClick Popunder Premium Version is Available With more Features and Performance Improvements


This Plugin is developed and maintained by Acurax International. For any support, you may contact us here


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