Shabbat Zman Widget

by Leon Adato


Displays Shabbat information for the coming week. Display is highly customizable, with options to display or hide:

  • Hebrew date
  • Candle lighting time
  • Parsha HaShavuah/weekly Torah reading
  • Sunrise and/or sunset
  • Havdalah time
  • Earliest time for Plag haMincha
  • Latest time to say morning Shema

Within those options, there are choices to show English or Hebrew, Ashkenazi or Sephardi transliterations, and multiple options for calculating times (GR”A, M”A, etc)

This plugin makes two JSON calls to (one to get the Hebrew date and one for the weekly Torah reading). More information on how this feature works can be found here:
…and here…

This plugin also makes three JSON calls to API to get the sunrise/sunset times for Friday and Saturday, and to obtain the latitude/longitude for the provided zip code. More information can be found here:

For Daily Zmanim display, please see this plugin:

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