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Working with clients to build a digital marketing strategy includes many hours of interaction deciding which research is the most pertinent, building a media plan, working to assess media placement, providing audit reports, outlining ad success or failure and consulting on how to best continue the campaign.

AdBuilder returns that time to the publisher up by providing all the tools a client needs to create and purchase the digital ad self service.
1. No Sales Costs

By providing a complete turnkey application that allows an advertiser complete control to add text, contact information, social media links and a slideshow with up to 10 images, the publisher is out of the loop.
2. Available 24/7

Visitors searching for content as well as advertisers searching for valuable marketing space access your website at all hours. AdBuilder gives them a tool to act on their impulse to reach your audience anytime.
3. Approval Before Publishing

When a new ad has been submitted, the publisher is alerted and is able to access the ad, read the contents and view the slideshow before approval. With one click, the ad is published.
4. Marketing

As an advertisers digital ads approach the end of their run, emails are sent automatically to remind them that the ad is close to being removed and gives them an easy process to extend and pay for the ad.
5. Client Portal

Using a portal specifically designed for the advertiser, they can edit the ad by changing content and images. Changes need approval before publication. The portal also provides up to the minute view and click statistics.


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