Add Customer for WooCommerce

by Dan's Art


This Plugin is designed to help you to create new users/customers with ease.
Especially useful if the client is ordering via phone or email and you like to take advantage of the stock- and order management in WooCommerce.
It adds a simple checkbox at the end of the billing address. If the box is checked, it will create a new user with the role “customer”.
If no e-mail is provided, it will create a unique one for you. It uses your sites domain as the domain part and the name as the name part. E.g.
By default, the newly created user will not get any emails while creating the account. But he will eventually on order change.
In the settings menu, there are options for checking the box by default and send login credentials to the new customer.

Settings Menu:
Settings -> Add Customer Settings

Required Plugins: WooCommerce 4.7.0 or higher

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