Add Metadata

by Syed Ebraiz Ali Chishti


This is a free plugin for adding meta tag on each post of your website, this meta tags include title, description, image, author, post URL and site name of your published post which later helps while sharing post on social media and for search engines to recognize the post. If you have no featured image on your post, it will also ask for a default image for metadata, which can be set through settings page. Meta tags are invisible from the front-end, but can be viewed from the source code. Meta tags has a great importance in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Page Rank.

Major features of Add Metadata include:

  • Automatically get post title, description, image, author, url, site name from the post and uses them as a meta tags.
  • Allow us to set default image for metadata which can use if no featured image found on the post.
  • Allow us to customize the css and js file.

PS: You don’t need any API key or Serial key to use it, because Add meta data are free to use.


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