Add Paragraphs Option to Text Widget

by Alan Fuller


WordPress 4.8 introduced the visual editor to the Text Widget, but in doing so remove the checkbox to add paragraphs.
Whilst this is backwardly compatible, as soon as you edit the text widget the paragraph tag is introduced. This can have disastrous impact to your design and break
scripts that have blank lines.

Also, the visual editor if used will remove code it thinks is invalid, including empty tags, which is also a bit problem.
By default this plugin also turns off the visual editor.

There is a setting added to settings>general that allows you to turn on the visual editor. You can also turn it back on by adding define (‘VISUAL_TEXT_WIDGET’,true); to your wp-config.php. Defining
VISUAL_TEXT_WIDGET to true or false remove the setting option from settings>general so you can hide the option.

If installed pre 4.8 the plugin will do nothing, not even a warning, so you can install this before a 4.8 upgrade and things should be better.
Of course upgrading is your responsibility and always take a backup.

Version: 1.6 only : WordPress 4.8.1 ( currently in beta ) has introduced a legacy mode that makes this plugin redundant, so if the WordPress version is greater than 4.8 the plugin does nothing and is silent. You may safely remove it if you are on 4.8.1 or above.

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