Add & Replace Affiliate Links for Amazon

by The Website Flip


Add & Replace Affiliate Links for Amazon plugin helps you to add or update Amazon Associate tag parameters in links.

The plugin automatically changes out shortened amazon links (e.g., that hide the Amazon Associate tag to a long-form link:

Why is this important?

Many website creators use shortened Amazon links. However, if you want to change your affiliate ID tag, you will need to manually find and replace these shortened links with articles.

This plugin will automatically find all shortened links on your website, and replace them with long links that embed your affiliate ID tag.

You save hours of time finding and replacing links, and can immediately start earning revenue to your Amazon Associates account.

Features of the Plugin

  • Automatically finds shortened links in all articles.
  • Expands the links to their original long-form.
  • Replaces the Amazon Associates affiliate ID tag to the one you provided.
  • Automatically replaces all links to their long-form with your own tag.
  • Ability to add rel=nofollow to links.


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5.6 or higher
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7.0 or higher