AddFunc Adaptive Content

by AddFunc


With all of the new web enabled devices springing up in the market and with the wide range of screen sizes and data transfer speeds, a website can no longer serve the same content upon every request (not without some degree of limitation and/or traffic-loss).

This lightweight plugin lets content writers and theme authors choose when WordPress should or shouldn’t show any give content item using shortcodes and quicktags or theme elements using functions. It uses Mobile Detect (a PHP script) to identify the website visitor’s device as either mobile, tablet or desktop, enabling you to allow or disallow content to be output. Use it to prevent large files such as images from outputting to devices that generally have a lower data transfer speed available to them (e.g. mobile devices). Serve more extensive copy and more elaborate userinterfaces to desktop devices and laptops. Target tablets to market a tablet oriented product or service. You can also detect iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android OS and Windows Mobile OS.

Example of a shortcode: [notmobile]Write anything you want between these two tags and WordPress will only output it when the visitor is viewing your website with a desktop/laptop or tablet and not with a mobile device.[/notmobile]

Easily add these shortcodes using the Quicktags in Text view.

All shortcodes also exist as functions (prefixed with aFAC_ for namespacing), which can be used in your theme as needed. See the FAQs for more detail. Each function is a boolean and simply returns true or false.


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