Addiction Recovery Connector

by Addiction Recovery


The Addiction Recovery Connector plugin connects your WordPress site with the Addiction Recovery content publishing portal which allows us to easily schedule/publish the content we write for you! Our plugin is small, secure and very easy to install and configure.

How it works

The Addiction Recovery Connector plugin acts as a bridge between our content writing portal and your WordPress site. Using the unique bearer token generated by the plugin that we securely store on your client profile, we send an authenticated request from our portal to your site to schedule/publish the content we write for your website. The plugin also allows us to remotely update the posts scheduled/published from our portal.


There are two ways to install the Addiction Recovery Connector plugin:

  1. Manually

Simply download the plugin and extract the “addiction-recovery-connector” plugin folder. Upload this folder to your /wp-content/plugins folder on your server, navigate to the Plugins page in /wp-admin and press “activate” under Addiction Recovery Connector.

  1. WordPress

You may also install the Addiction Recovery Connector plugin via your WordPress dashboard. Simply navigate to Plugins > Add New and search for “Addiction Recovery”. Then click “install now” on our plugin. Once it is installed press “activate” and you are ready to go!

Post Installation

Once our plugin is installed and activated, your dedicated Client Success Wizard can help with the final details. If our publishing user account on your site has admin privileges we will retrieve the unique bearer token and store it in our system, otherwise you can provide it to your Success Wizard. We will also provide you the AR Web Portal Endpoint and Bearer Token information to save in the plugin settings.


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