Take the Control of your Content!

by Philippe Gras


Addme lets you take control of your content by hacking a well-known WP function to filter many elements of your CMS. In this case, we will filter the content of your posts with a simple HTML form.

You can create as text strings, HTML or javascript blocks of scripts you want. A new form will be displayed when the previous one is validated. You have several options to display all your add-ons in the content:

Display options:

  1. no display
  2. before content
  3. after the content
  4. around the post
  5. upon the last paragraph
  6. after the first paragraph
  7. randomly in post content
  8. twice wrapped inner text
  9. upon a video
  10. under a video
  11. around a video


  • Go to the Facebook page to watch a video and screenshots of Addme users sites.
  • Post one more at your turn with a link to one of your posts when you have finished to configure your plugin!


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