Adeptus is a lightweight plugin that allows you to send WordPress website logs to syslog, logstash, debug.log and error_log for you to collect, store, process and monitor your logs seamlessly.

With Adeptus you have the ability to
– Monitor all website and CMS activity in real time
– Audit stored logs information for security and debuggin purposes
– Visualize log data in 3rd party apps (Grafana, Kibana, etc..)
– Quickly generate reports in 3rd party apps

Adeptus is developed and maintained by The Digital Embassy, a Digital Agency in Adelaide South Australia.

Blazingly fast

Adeptus follows the philosphy of doing one thing really well, and that is collecting event data. How that data is stored and where it is sent is fully configurable. This makes Adeptus lightweight and very fast.

Extensive logging providers

Adeptus comes bundled with the ability to send logs to a number of providers, listed below. Need additional options? We follow the PSR-3 PHP standard so you can write your own provider or contact us for assistance.

  • Debug.log
  • Syslog (stored in /var/log or Windows event viewer)
  • Logstash
  • PHP error_log

You control it all forever

Adeptus gives you complete control of your activity data. There’s no limit for how much data is stored, or for how long – this is entirely up to you!

Built with developers in mind

Extendable, adaptable, and open source Adeptus was created with developers in mind. With its extendable architecture you can use a number of drivers to connect and monitor you application event data.

Check out https://github.com/thedigitalembassy/adeptus for additional developer documentation.


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5.6 or higher