Adivaha Hotel Plugin saves your lot of time while creating Hotel pages. It fetches the hotel informations automatically via API and keeps you away from all the hassles of uploading the hotel informations manually and keeps your hotel information up to date in case if any of the hotel information changes down the road. You just need to select the hotel while creating a page or post and use their respective shortcodes. You are Done!

How it works

Live Working Demo

Click Here to view the demo


  • [adivaha_ds_HotelImages] Shortcode for the image gallery of Hotel images
  • [adivaha_ds_HotelRating] Shortcode for Hotel Star rating
  • [adivaha_ds_HotelReview] Shortcode for Hotel TripAdvisor Ratings
  • [adivaha_ds_HotelDescription] Shortcode for Hotel Description
  • [adivaha_ds_HotelPointofInterest] Shortcode for Point of Interest
  • [adivaha_ds_HotelCheckInInstructions] Shortcode for Hotel Checkin Instruction
  • [adivaha_ds_HotelAmeneties] Shortcode for Hotel Ameneties
  • [adivaha_ds_HotelMap] Shortcode for Hotel Map with the nearby Attractions
  • [adivaha_ds_TripAdvisorReview] Shortcode for Hotel TripAdvisor Reviews

Integration with Existing WordPress Theme / Blog

  • Login to your WordPress Admin
  • Create a Post
  • Select the Hotel that you want this page to dedicate
  • Use the above shortcodes in order to autopopulate the hotel informations wherever needed

Professional Extensions

Need more power? Feel something’s missing? The Adivaha Hotel Plugin features can be easily extended through
our premium, professional themes with inbuilt features! Let us introduce just two of them : )


We provide support for our plugin on WordPress.org forums, our own ticketing system or your can email us your questions directly at info@adivaha.com

Premium Users with an active license have access to one-to-one support via our ticketing system.

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Third Party Web Services

The Plugin fetches contents from https://www.adivaha.com/ for all the hotel informations ie, hotel name, images, ratings and reviews. All the informations are authentic and genuine. Adivaha doesn’t captures any of your website information in any manner.

Thank you, The Adivaha Team


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