AdMangler provides an intuitive and easy to use interface to help you display banner ads, Google ads, or
your very own custom HTML ads on your wordpress powered site. AdMangler can help you get a hold on your ads
and help you easily swap ads, disable ads, and enable ads. AdMangler will also allow you to designate
certain ads to be exclusive to a page, a slot, or a slot on a certain page allowing you to determine
which ads show on which page or which ad slot.

AdMangler has been designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to control your ad spaces the way you want
to control them. Whether you wish to display Adsense style ads, upload banner ads, sell your ad space or
mix it up and do a little of everything.

You can use AdMangler as a sidebar Widget, in your template files using a straight PHP call, or in the content
editor using the custom tags. With AdMangler you are in control over how and where your ads are displayed.

Features in the free Version:

  • Create Banner Ads using either the WordPress Media Manager or providing your own HTML
  • Associate any Ad with a specific page and/or ad position on any given page or post
  • Make an Ad exclusive for any Ad spot/page or post.
  • Display Ads using the AdMangler Sidebar Widget.
  • Display ads directly in your theme.
  • Display ads in the body of your post or page using the AdMangler shortcodes/AdMangler Shortcode Helper.
  • Shortcode Helper Icon on the content editor to help you setup shortcodes.
  • Cache buster feature in the options to help you serve rotating ads even when using a caching plugin.
  • Simple Statistics show impression and clicks on each banner.

Need more control over your ad space? Want to automate selling your adspace? Allow advertisers to purchase credits? AdMangler Pro
is the ultimate Ad Management plugin for WordPress. You can find how how to purchase it by
visiting http://www.webternals.com/contact.php. AdMangler Pro
is currently under development and available only as a pre order.

Features in AdMangler Pro:

  • All the features found in the free versions.
  • Front-end registration form (Advertisers will sign up here)
  • Front-end login form (Advertisers will login here)
  • Front-end reset password form (Advertisers will use this to request password resets)
  • The ability to automate selling ads.
  • Advertiser management Page/
  • Paypal integration.
  • Dwolla integration.
  • Billing Options.
  • Comprehensive Statistics.

If you would like to contribute please contact admangler@webternals.com and tell us where you feel you can contribute.

More Information can be found at http://www.webternals.com/projects/admangler/


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