Admin Bar User Switching

by wpexpertsio


This plugin was originally developed by Mark Wilkinson.

An admin bar Switch to User option is provided which on hover provides a search box where you can query a user to switch to. The results are links to switch to that user. This plugin is great for when you are building sites for clients and it is beneficial to see the site as your logged in client see’s it.

And there is an optional mode where you can use a custom keyboard combination, say ‘su’, and it activates the form where you search for users, and then you can use keyboard arrows to navigate the list of results, and the return key to switch to the selected user. The same combo can be used to focus the ‘Switch Off’ link, following a return to simulate a click.

To activate this feature and set the custom keyboard combination, aka magic word, you need to use the abus_ajax_args and add a ‘magicWord’ variable.

Note that keyboard navigation is not dependant on the custom keyboard combination, and can be used out of the box.


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