Admin Favicon

by John Kolbert


Admin Favicon is a very simple plugin. It creates a link to a shortcut icon, or favicon, into the header of the WordPress administrative console. What does this mean? Look at the address bar or tab indicator of your web browser. You should see an image next to the URL of this page. This is a favicon. It lets you easily identify this page from other pages you have open. This is very valuable for tabbed browsing, when you have many tabs open at the same time.

The WordPress administrative console (the backend interface you use to maintain your blog) does not have a favicon. Why? I do not know. Maybe they will add one. But until then, this plugin lets you easily add your own custom favicon. This way you can easily identify your admin tab from the load of other tabs you have open. Admin Favicon simply adds a link to your favicon into the header of the admin pages.

This plugin creates a new options menu. In the top navigation bar of your administrative console, click on Options. Then, in the sub menu that appears, click on Admin Favicon. An options page will then appear. In the text box labeled Favicon URL, enter the web address of your desired favicon. If you uploaded the sample wpfavicon.ico, enter the location on your server here. Otherwise, use your own favic

To create your own Favicon you can use one of many free online services. After you create your favicon, upload it to you web server and follow the directions as normal.


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