Admin Links Widget

by Keith Murray


This plugin provides a widget which can contain links to pages in the administration panel in one of your sidebars. These links are only visible to those already logged in as an administrator.

Setup Instructions

  1. Extract admin-links-sidebar-widget.php into your wp-content/plugins folder (or a subfolder)
  2. Activate the plugin in WordPress
  3. Add the widget to your page
  4. Set the options to select which links you want displayed

Release History

1.4.0 — Fixed a couple of things for WP 3.0, tested up to 3.0.1 successfully.
1.3.1 — Tested for 2.7.1, minor code change
1.3.0 — Refactoring to split the admin page and improve performance
1.1.4 — Minor changes for compatibility with WordPress 2.5.x
1.1.1 — Minor changes for compatibility with WordPress 2.3.3
1.1.0 — Added two major features. “Edit this post” and “Edit this page”
1.0.9 — Fixed major bug in the URL construction which caused problems on blogs
which were not in the root folder of the web server.
1.0.8 — Added Themes and Widgets admin links
1.0.5 — Bug Fix: missing comments and plugins items
1.0.3 — Documentation correction
1.0.2 — Initial release

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