Admin Log

by David Gwyer


Displays a list of all the admin pages accessed in your sites admin area. This is updated every time a page in the admin area is accessed. Information displayed includes: admin page accessed, user, and time of access.

This is very useful if more than one person maintains your Blog, so you can see exactly who is accessing the admin pages, what they are doing, and when!

The Plugin has been completely re-written to be fully compliant with WordPress 3.x and address some security issues. In particular the Plugin doesn’t store admin log information in a plain text file any more. It now uses the WordPress options database. There is also a 200 line log limit to prevent the log getting too big.

Other new options allow you clear the admin log, and also prevent the admin log Plugin page from being logged. This helps to prevent the log from being inflated everytime you visit the Plugin options page.

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