Admin Tag UI

by DivSpark


Admin Tag UI improves the tag sections found in the admin backend’s classic editor add and edit post screens. There are several changes to the interface.

Add, Edit Post Screens

  • Shows all tags instead of just the most used – Helpful to see all of the tags instead of having to guess for less commonly used ones.
  • Displays the tags in a list on their own lines rather than trying to show them all on the same line.
  • Displays the tags in 2 columns (or can be set to 1).
  • Increased font size of tags making it easier to read and select.
  • Highlights selected tags
  • Clicking on tags will no longer jump the screen up to the “Add” tag field.
  • Automatically reveals the tags instead of having to click to have them revealed.
  • The appearance changes also apply to the tags under the currently selected tags section.
  • For selected tags, hovering over the remove (X) icon highlights the entire tag in red. The purpose is to more easily identify which tags are being hovered over.


There is a settings page allowing several of the changes above to be turned on or off, or altered. This allows a fine tuning of the user interface to fit your needs. All of the settings above are enabled by default.


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