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The Ads plugin allows you to add advertisements to your blog. You can add advertisements to your posts, pages or Text Widgets via the shortcode. You can also add ads to your site by adding a function to your theme’s template files.

You have full control over how many ads get displayed as well as their sort order.

Simple Usage (Shortcode)

[dfads params='']

Simple Usage (PHP)

<?php echo dfads(); ?>

Advanced Usage (Shortcode)

[dfads params='groups=3&limit=2']

Advanced Usage (PHP)

<?php echo dfads( 'groups=3&limit=2' ); ?>

Additional Features

  • Set impression limit – Set how many times ad should appear before being removed from display.
  • Set start date – Set the date the ad should not appear before.
  • Set end date – Set the date the ad should not appear after.
  • Shortcode – Add ads to posts, pages or Text Widget using the [dfads] shortcode.
  • PHP Function – Embed ads in your template files with dfads() function.
  • Supports caching – Impressions are counted and ads are ordered displayed randomly even if you have enabled a caching plugin. (Note: Doesnt work if your sites visitor has JavaScript disabled in their browser.)
  • Supports All Types of Ads – Add Google Adsense, banners, images, text, in-house ads, videos, etc… If you can add it to a Post, you can add it as an ad.
  • Ad Groups – Set up ‘ad groups’ to display different groups of ads in different places. (Example: sidebar, footer, leaderboard, 150×150, etc…)
  • No Impression Count for Admins – Enable or disable impression counting when viewing the site as an Administrator.

Video Tutorials

View the full video tutorial playlist here.

Create a new ad and display a group of ads in a widget

Display a group of ads in a post using the shortcode

Display a group of ads above a post’s content using the PHP function

Configure your ads to count impressions and order randomly even when using a caching plugin

Documents most of the parameters of a shortcode or function


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