AdSense on Top

by gnarf


Adsense on Top inserts Google Adsense Ads automatically to the Top, Bottom or left/right margin of your page. So you can monetize unused space. Adsense Click rates are very good.

Adsense on Top is an extension to the wonderful ** Adsense Optimizer ** Plugin. Style and size of Adsense ad is set in Adsense Optimizer settings. So you have to install Adsense Optimizer (and i also suggest using it for adsense insertion
The Adsense on Top Ad is loaded last, so the full page will be shown before Adsense Ad is received from Google.

Settings for Adsense on Top are simple and quickly done. For further details see the PluginPage.


  • visual ad type: Choose the adtype from Adsense Optimizer Settings.
  • position: Choose at which side the adsense ad will be inserted.
  • background: Choose if the div including the adsense ad has a transparent background, or has the same background color as the ad. You will only see a difference in Top and Bottom mode.
  • margins: Set how many pixel the adsense block should be away from the side of the window. It depends on the side you want to insert if these settings have an effect:

  • Top: vertical margin will add a space above the ad.

  • Bottom: no settings necessary ! The adsense block will be centered.
  • Right: horizontal margin will ad space right of adsense block, vertical margin above the adsense block.
  • Left: horizontal margin will ad space left of adsense block, vertical margin above the adsense block.

For more detailed description see the PluginPage.

Version history

1.0 – initial version
1.1 – bugfixes
1.2 – bugfix. positioning should now work in all browsers of all versions.


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