Advanced Admin Search

by Kuroit


Advanced Admin Search provides you easy and simplest way to search anything in WordPress admin panel from one single search field.

Why use Advanced Admin Search?

By using this plugin you can quickly search posts, pages, users, custom post types, comments and more from one single search field on WordPress admin bar.
You won’t have to go to each section to search any of this. It will also check for the content of every post to provide you exact results.

Not sure where you placed the shortcode for third party gallery or appointment plugin?
Simply search the shortcode in search field and it will provide you list of posts/pages or anywhere it is placed.

Bar Search Features

Advanced Admin Search on WordPress admin bar allows you to search:

  1. Admin Menu
  2. Media Library (Attachments)
  3. Users
  4. Posts
  5. Pages
  6. Custom Post Types
  7. Post Meta

Dedicated Full Search Page

Dedicated Full Search page of Advanced Admin Search in WordPress admin panel allows you to search:

  1. Media Library (Attachments)
  2. Users
  3. Posts (and content for shortcodes, links etc)
  4. Pages (and content for shortcodes, links etc)
  5. Custom Post Types
  6. Post Meta

You can filter the search by:

  1. Keyword (search term)
  2. Post Type
  3. Post Status
  4. Author ID or Username
  5. Meta Filters
  6. Filter by Meta Key
  7. Filter by Meta Value
  8. Filter Meta by Expression (Exact Match, Starting With, Ending With)


Found a bug? or want to contribute in our plugin? We would love that! Check out Official repo for Advanced Admin Search on Github.


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