Advanced Ads – Code Highlighter

by Thomas Maier


This is an add-on for Advanced Ads, the ad management plugin for WordPress.

Since WordPress 4.9 integrated code highlighting we enabled this automatically in Advanced Ads. The add-on is therefore no longer needed unless you are on a lower WordPress version.

After activating the plugin, you will see the code of ads in the plain text and code type highlighted like in any other professional IDE.
See the screenshots for an example.

This is the ideal add-on for people using advanced ad codes with JavaScript, HTML, PHP, or CSS.

This feature is implemented using CodeMirror.

Ad Management Features

Advanced Ads is a powerful, but easy to use ad management plugin. Among the many features, you can:

  • manage various kinds of ads like AdSense, DFP, Amazon, and any other custom code
  • show ads for mobile/desktop users only
  • automatically inject ads into content, after specific paragraphs
  • use Pro visitor conditions like browser width, geo location, browser language and many more


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