Advanced AJAX Page Loader

by deano1987


AJAX Page Loader will load posts, pages, etc. without reloading entire page. It will also update the URL bar with the url the user would have been going to without AJAX, this means the user can copy the url or bookmark it and return to the page they were visiting! This plugin will also add the page to there history for even more usability!

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Many thanks to Luke Howell, author of the original plugin which motivated me to re-write it and extend it to what it is today.


I have got to give a very special thanks to the people mentioned below who have offered their support with donations, let me also take the time to thank others who report problems, offer solutions and help debug the plugin. I really appreciate the excellent support and feedback :).

  • Travis Avery (travisavery)
  • AlohaThemes (

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