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Booking Calendar for Accommodations. The easy way to manage your bookings and raise your occupancy rate. This Reservation System is made for modern Hoteliers who want to get hold of their online reservations.

Booking System

  • Fully responsive, backend and frontend. Check your availabilities on your phone.
  • Bookings stored in your WordPress database
  • Booking will generate an email where you can accept or reject bookings
  • Guests will receive emails when their reservation is generated, confirmed or rejected
  • Easy to manage prices by seasons and room types
  • All reservations are easy to access and manage in the backend.
  • Change the minimum number of nights a guest has to stay for different seasons.

Booking Calendar

  • Calendar overview for all your active rooms in your Hotel
  • Single calendar for each room type
  • Create calendars for up to 15 rooms
  • Every calendar is responsive and works great on mobile

Booking Form

  • Responsive form that searches for matching rooms by date and guest count
  • Inputs can be stored in Cookies
  • Generates one reservation per booking


  • Analytic function helps you to identify high seasons
  • Find the best pricings for your Hotel
  • See how many requests fail and what the average person count is

Google Universal Analytics

  • Integrates with your own Google Universal Analytics account
  • User steps in the booking form are tracked and can be used to define a target
  • Every action by the user on the booking calendar is tracked and helps you to identify new potentials

Pro Version

  • A lot of additional features in the Pro Version
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal and Stripe
  • Add Discounts to your Booking Form and payment fees
  • Custom fields, combine extras with specific calendars
  • Export bookings as ical file, MailChimp integration

Even more features

  • Availability check widget
  • Email templates for each email
  • Cookies can be enabled to store user inputs
  • Select email address to receive booking notifications
  • Switch between showing the currency sign before or after the price.
  • Ready for translation
  • Comes with German, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, Bosnian, Czech, Romanian, Portuguese, Slovak (partly) and Hungarian (partly) translations

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