Advanced Category Column

by Stefan Crmer


The Advanced Category Column is mainly designed to give your blog a bit more of a newspaper behavior. E.g. The plugin shows the latest posts from all categories with an offset of three posts on your homepage.

If there is a post thumbnail, it will be displayed above the headline of the post. No further text will appear. If there is no thumbnail, only the headline and the excerpt of the post will be shown. When the plugin can detect neither the thumbnail nor the excerpt of a post, it will display just the first couple of sentences (or words) of a post.

So far that is the same as my Category Column Plugin does also. Not every theme has the possibility to hide certain sidebars on different pages. That’s where the advanced of our plugin comes in. In the ACC you can determine, where exactly the widget is showing and in the settings you can customize the links of your widget(s).


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