Advanced Custom Fields: reCAPTCHA Field

by Irvin Lim


ACF reCAPTCHA brings Google reCAPTCHA to Advanced Custom Fields, to be used on frontend forms.

Features include:

  • ACF reCAPTCHA Protection ensures that spambots cannot circumvent reCAPTCHA to submit forms on the server-side
  • ACF-compliant client-side validation which prompts the user if reCAPTCHA is not clicked or had expired
  • Customizable reCAPTCHA options, including theme (light/dark), type (image/audio) and size (normal/compact)
  • Compatible with ACF Conditional Logic feature, which allows hiding/showing certain fields until the reCAPTCHA has been passed

For more detailed setup instructions, or to report an issue, please head over to the GitHub repository here.

ACF Frontend Forms

ACF reCAPTCHA is meant to be used only on frontend forms, in order to protect them from spam by spambots.

To create a frontend form programmatically, please view the official documentation on the ACF website here.

ACF Compatibility

ACF reCAPTCHA is currently only compatible with ACF v5 at the moment. If you would like to help to add support for v4, do submit a PR on GitHub.



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