Advanced Custom Fields: Multiple Fields per row

by Unihost


Display up to 4 Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) fields in a single row on the front-end

Advanced Custom Fields: Multiple Fields per row, is an add-on to Advanced Custom Fields for showing multiple ACF fields in a single row. You can show up to four fields in a row. It is very helpful for managing form display layout as you desire. Especially handy with 2x short fields or date fields next to each other.

Note: Works up to ACF 5.9.1


  1. Once activated, ‘Row’ field will now be available under the ‘Layout’ section in ACF field types
  2. Add ‘Row’ field in your field setting. Choose ‘Row Open’ option in ‘Type’ to start row
  3. Choose the number of columns you would want
  4. Add your fields below the ‘Row Open’ option
  5. To end row, add ‘Row’ field. But this time choose ‘Row Close’ option in ‘Type’


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