Advanced Database Replacer

by Untitled Plugin


Advanced Database Replacer allows you to fast and easily update a lot of data in the database. The plugin provides a user-friendly form that allows you to update posts, taxonomies, users (and many more) data without any programming knowledge. Plugin based on the provided data automatically prepares the SQL (Structured Query Language) query that allows an update of many records at the same time.

Plugin features and possibilities

Advanced Database Replacer plugin is prepared for non-technical people who want to fast and save update many elements in the WordPress database. By default, you can edit all Custom Post Types, Taxonomies, Users data, and all connected with the custom meta. More features:

  • replace, uppercase and lowercase fields from Custom Post Types, Terms and Users, and all connected meta,
  • update CPTs title, content, and exception, Terms names and descriptions, Users nice name, email, display name, website URL, biography content,
  • add extra conditions that allow fit the query and update only that content do you really want to, eg. filter specific terms or find posts by the author,
  • dry run for check how many records will be updated and confirm that query has been build property,
  • history of replacement to take more control of changes made by the plugin,
  • [PRO ONLY] add infinity number of conditions and define the relationships between them,
  • [PRO ONLY] use CPTs, Terms, and Users custom meta in the condition fields, eg. find WooCommerce products with stock higher than 3,
  • [PRO ONLY] allows increase/decrease, and at the beginning, add at the end during the update, eg. add Awesome prefix to the title for all posts from Awesome category,
  • [COMING SOON] save reusable templates, that allows fast repeat replace, eg. increase stock value for WooCommerce products.


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5.0 or higher
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PHP Version:
7.2.5 or higher