Advanced GEO Redirect

by Site Guarding Ltd.


Define visitor’s geolocation by IP automatically and redirect them to a specific page. Based on IP identification the Easy GEO Redirect plugin allows you send your visitors to specific landing pages, redirect them to different websites or just block them from accessing your site. With the use of the plugin, your foreign customers wont have to choose the native language and currency manually, as they will be redirected to a proper page as soon as they open your website. Using the Easy GEO Redirect youll manage to redirect visitors to specific URLs, switch currency, switch store view e.t.c.

With Easy GEO Redirect, you can choose either to make a redirect between websites or only within one website. In case you have several websites you can manage your traffic in a few mouse clicks.

With the plugin, you can set a redirect logic to any page on your website.

Main features:

  • Block visitors from specific countries.
  • Redirect your visitors to specific URL
  • Redirect visitors from the home page
  • Redirect visitors to different websites

WP GEO Redirect is the security plugin to limit access from unwanted counties or IP addresses.

The plugin allows you to restrict access to the content of your website. You can enable or disable visitors from certain countries (parts of) the content.

For example, your website’s content is intended for a specific range of visitors, limited to certain countries so you can customize it. Or if you want to block access from the countries or IP addresses, which are characterized by hack attempts, spamming of your comments and so on, you can do it in a one click.

Due to the fact that a huge popular attacks on the administrative panel site, using this plugin, you can prevent this problem.

You can easy filter front-end visitors and visitors who wants to login to WordPress backend.

Main features:

  • Ban visitors from the countries you don’t want to see.
  • Ban IP addresses which are characterized by hack attempts, spamming and etc.
  • Ban visitors to your backend login page.
  • Ban IP addresses which are bruteforcing your passwords.
  • Allow list (whitelist) you can block whole country, but allow some IP addresses from this country
  • Graphs by blocked countries (last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days)
  • It’s easy to setup and free to use.
  • Country blocking
  • Spam protection
  • Country Block
  • GEO protection
  • Attack, vulnerability, malware, hack blocking
  • Free support.

GEO plugin that allows you to block access to your site based on the visitor location while also keeping your site safe from malicious attacks. The plugin brings a smart and powerful protection methods named as “WP Zero-day Exploit Prevention” and “WP Metadata Exploit Protection”.

  • In order to prevent hacking through the login form and XML-RPC by brute-force and the reverse-brute-force attacks, the number of login attempts will be limited per IP address even from the permitted countries.
  • Minimize server load against brute-force attacks: You can configure this plugin as a Must Use Plugins so that this plugin can be loaded prior to regular plugins. It can massively reduce the load on server.
  • Block badly-behaved bots and crawlers: A simple logic may help to reduce the number of rogue bots and crawlers scraping your site.
  • Cooperation with full spec security plugin: This plugin is lite enough to be able to cooperate with other full spec security plugin such as Wordfence Security.
  • Logs: Validation logs for useful information to audit attack patterns can be manageable.


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