Advanced Https Redirection

by Ehab Alsharif


This plugin enables you to easily redirect your whole domain from/to HTTP to/from HTTPS, or you can just redirect certain pages, posts, terms or custom post type or any other front-end page.

Using this plugin you can force your website visitors to use the the HTTPS version of your website, or the other way around. And you can also use it to have your whole website on HTTPS while certain pages are on HTTP, or the other way around.

This plugin allows you to redirect both dynamic resources and static resources – for static resources to work your server must be Apache and you should have an .htaccess file in your root WordPress directory.

features – all redirections work from / to HTTP to/from HTTPS:

  • Redirect the whole domain including static resources

  • Redirect only the admin directory

  • Redirect only the front-end pages

  • Redirect only static resources

  • Redirect the whole domain except for certain posts, or custom post types, or terms, or custom taxonomies, or any other front-end page

  • Redirect using different redirection statuses: 301,302,303, and 307

  • This plugin will generate links for posts and other front-end pages based on how they should be redirected, so if a post is supposed to be accessed through HTTPS, this plugin will make sure that all links generated by WordPress to that post are HTTPS links, which is better for seo


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