Advanced Menu Widget

by Jn Bonec


This plugin adds enhanced “Navigation Menu” widget. It offers many options which could be set to customize the output of the custom menu through the widget.

Features include:

  • Custom hierarchy – “Only related sub-items” or “Only strictly related sub-items”.
  • Starting depth and maximum level to display + flat display.
  • Display all menu items starting with the selected one.
  • Display only direct path to current element or only children of selected item (option to include the parent item).
  • Display menu as drop down.
  • Custom class for a widget block.
  • And almost all the parameters for the wp_nav_menu function.
  • shortcode [advMenu]
  • Display menu items descriptions.

Are you missing something or isn’t it working as expected ? I am open to suggestions to improve the plugin !

Thanks the Slovak WordPress community and Webikon for the support. For more information about me check out my personal page.


  • “Title” – set the title for your widget
  • “Custom Widget Class” – custom class for widget block
  • “Select Menu” – menu from the custom menus you want show
  • “Show hierarchy” – you can set to display only related or strictly related items
  • “Starting depth” – display only menu items which depth is greater then this
  • “How many levels to display” – limit the display from 1 to 5 levels or flat display
  • “Filter selection from” – only items which are children or grandchildren of selected element will be displayed
  • “Select the filter” – filter the direct path for the current menu item (like breadcrumb navigation) or display only its children
  • “Include parents” – when checked it display also parent item upon filters (e.x. Display only children of selected item)


You can use [advMenu] shortcode with the parameters listed below:

'nav_menu' (menu ID)                

e.g. [advMenu title="Menu Title" nav_menu=2]


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