Advanced Most Recent Posts Mod

by Kailey Lampert


Advanced Most Recent Posts Widget displays your recent posts with thumbnail images (optional). It gets posts from selected categories or current category or all categories. When your visitors are at home, it gets posts from all posts or selected category. If you set ‘Get posts from current category’, when visitors see single post, widget lists posts in the same category of single post or when visitors click a category link, it gets posts from current category.

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I’m bad at support (not intentionally). If you have questions: check the forums, then check my blog post’s comment thread. If that doesn’t work, post to the forums (there are awesome volunteers out there!) and get my attention by pinging me on twitter @trepmal.


Widget’s options allow you to change your recent posts list displaying.


Your recent posts widget’s title on your sidebar.

Title Link:

The page the title should link to.

Hide Post Title:

Check to hide post title in output. useful for thumbnail-only displays


The character to use to separate the title from the excerpt.

After Excerpt:

What should appear after the excerpt

After Excerpt Link:

should the ‘after excerpt’ text link to the post? useful if ‘after excerpt’ read like “read more…”


The post type to be displayed.

Number of posts to show:

How many posts to display

Excerpt length (letters)

You know that

Thumbnail Custom Field Name

If you want to display the thumbnail of your posts via a custom field, write its name.

Height – Width

Images size.

Get first image of post

If you don’t want to use custom field, plugin will get first image from your post content.

Get first attached image of post

Plugin gets first attached image of post.

Default image

If post has no image, plugin display this image. Ex:

Notice: If you use three options, plugin uses custom field image firstly. If the post has no custom field, it gets first image from content. At last it gets first attached image. I suggest not to use “Get first image of post” for performance. It queries much more.

Show Author

If checked, shows author next to title

Show Post Timestamp

If checked, shows post timestamp

Time format

The format to be used when displaying the timestamp

Put time

A placement option for the post timestamp


Plugin gets posts in these categories. (Category IDs, separated by commas.)

Get posts from current category:

Posts will be get from current category (single post’s category or current category).


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