Advanced Online Ordering and Delivery Platform

by BuyNowDepot


This application will help in providing a professional menu with many special functions specifically for the restaurant industry, and it comes with a comprehensive dashboard to help you better manage your delivery services. In addition look out for our NEW UPGRADE application which will be posted on your Clover devices marketplace named “Advanced Online Ordering and Delivery Interface.”
This upgrade will give you full control of all transactions from face to face, waiter / waitress table ordering, call-in with address and location database, tracking of delivery drivers and deliverables, navigational support including shortest distance between deliverables and much more. All of which will integrate with this plugin. The menu or inventory on your Clover device will synchronize directly with the professional menu
on your WordPress Website where people will be able to choose either a pickup or delivery after ordering and paying online. There are many functions too much to list that will outperform any other solution currently available today. Please support us and we promise to keep improving and providing more applications to help restaurants do their jobs more efficient for less money.

In addition very soon this plugin will be built with a special ecommerce module which allows any brick and mortar business with an ecommerce presence or not build an ecommerce store for their business as long as you have a Clover Device.

We are constantly developing new functions, to make sure we are the Merchant’s best choice in Online Ordering and Delivery Solutions for the Clover Device. Send us your requests, or need of support to We are an IBM ESA, Visa & MasterCard Development and Fiserv Business Partners. Fiserv a company that owns Clover and First Data is extremely supportive of our endeavors to provide the best services to their clients –you. No application or request is too big or too small.

Feature List

  • A professional customizable menu synced from their Clover Inventory to a WordPress Website
  • The ability to track their drivers, orders, and notify their customers through a separate mobile app
  • To accept online orders for delivery, or pickup, and soon much more
  • When you make a change to the inventory on your Clover it changes the WordPress Website menu too.
  • Easy to use Administration Backend with functions like Inventory, and Delivery Zone Management

Here’s a link to Advanced Online Ordering and Delivery + Clover.


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