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by Ankit Panchal


Tired of the same age-old annoying visit counters available in the market? Here we are introducing you to the Advanced Page Visit Counter; keeping track of the traffic also allows you to customize it for your visitors. The theme along with the front end, is highly customizable, and it changes the look and feel of the website when the users click on the page visits.

This is an all-in-one plugin giving you full control over how you want to customize your page visits from the website’s back end. It does not require any prior programming knowledge to understand how this works.

Have a special request? Visit our website and fill the form if you want us to add something. We’ll try our best and add the required feature for you.

Advanced Page Visit Counter helps you track the detailed visitors on your website and give you accurate stats and optimized charts with detailed info about how users are behaving on your site.

Might be wondering what are the unique features which make this plugin better than others in the market? Check the detailed info about all the plugin features, making relieving you from the manual tracking work on your website.


The extension is packed with a lot of features that are worth considering if you want to improve the UI of your website.

Features of Advanced Page Visit Counter:


We have updated the look and feel of our dashboard recently on user demand, making it easier for you to get everything in place. The dashboard is divided into multiple sections. Features of these sections are:

Total Visit (Last 1 Year):

This widget helps you track the number of users who visited your site in the past year.

Total Visits (Month):

You can view the number of users who visited your site this month, along with comparing the numbers from last month. This gives you an idea about how your website is performing.

Total Visits(Week):

This widget gives you the number of visitors on your website this week compared to the visitors last week.

Total Visits(Today):

As the name says, this widget gives you the number of visitors on your website today compared with the number of visitors yesterday.

Browser Traffic:

Our widget also analyses the traffic source and the browser from which your website is being accessed. We know people like to track every data on their website to make it optimized for all the platforms.

Traffic Source:

Referral widget that tells you various traffic sources of your website. It gives you a list of websites you’re getting traffic from.

Operating System:

Our smart OS widget also tells you which operating system your visitors are using.

Realtime Counter:

This widget counts the real-time traffic on your website. This feature is limited to *Premium users only.


This page gives you detailed data on what’s popular on your website from particular locations in the past ten days. There are four sections, as follows:

Top 10 Pages:

This is an accurate widget for tracking the visitors on the best pages of your website. All the links will be given in this widget section.

Top 10 Posts:

Gives you the list of the ten most visited and popular posts on the website.

Top 10 Country:

This widget helps you analyze the traffic quality coming to your website. You should know if people in your targeted country are visiting your website or not.

Top 10 IP Addresses:

Gives you a list of the full 10 IP addresses to your website along with the country flag and the recent visit time from the IP.


Detailed reports about your website will be listed here. All the articles which are bringing you the maximum traffic will be listed from maximum to minimum. You can filter the number of articles to show on the reports page which is set to 10 by default.

You can also view detailed reports about every single page to check where the exact traffic is coming from.

Advanced Filter:

Gives the detailed reports of the last 10, 20, or 30 days about the articles, but it’s limited to = *Premium users only. =
Shortcode Designer
This is the most exciting part of Advanced Page Visit Counter, which lets you edit the page count widget on the front end. This is the all-time page count of the post shown to the new people visiting your website. The features of this Shortcode designer are:

1. Text Settings:

The following text editing options are available for your Shortcode design.
* Border Size: Choose a suitable border size you prefer for the shortcode.
* Border Radius: This will help you round the edges of your shortcode, making it look smoother.
* Border Style: Choose the border style you like from options like dotted and dashed.
* Border Color: Customize the border-color according to your theme and what suits best for you.
* Font Color: Decide the best font color, which is set to white by default.
* Background Color: Customize your background and font color to make your shortcode appealing for your visitors.
* Font Size: Increase or decrease the font size from the widget itself.
* Font Style: Choose from a big collection of fonts that will help your text to stand out on your website.
* Padding: Add the suitable padding to your website, which fits best in your shortcode.
* Width: Adjust the width of your shortcode and adjust it according to the space you have on your theme.

2. Visibility options:

Enable the three options from the visibility menu and select what you want in your shortcode box.
* Show Today’s Visit Counts: Check this box to enable the particular page’s total visit that day.
* Show Current Page Total: Check this box to enable the number of total visitors that have appeared on the page so far.
* Show Total Global Counts: Enable this option to show the total visitor count for your whole website.

3. Labels & Icons:

This section lets you edit the visible option labels. For example, you can edit the name for the global, current page, or today’s visit count. You can be creative and create something you like or a catchy name that can retain users.

4. Shortcode Templates:

You can go to this option from the left navigation bar and choose the one you like. Go to the shortcode generator and select the template number in the last section. The particular theme shortcode will be generated for you.

5. Saving Shortcodes:

You can save your shortcode if you want to use them in the future. This makes it easier for you as you don’t have to create something repeatedly. This option is limited to = *Premium users only. =

Advanced Page Visit Counter Settings

This is the final section of the plugin where you can customize how your plugin works.

All the options that can be edited in the Shortcode section can set some default values in the Plugin Settings. Some of the highlight options in settings are:

Post Types:

Select the post type you want to be captured from the users. These can be posts or pages on your website.


You get four exclude options where you can exclude the pages you don’t want to be captured, the IP Addresses you want to exclude, and the user on your website. This means the particular user’s traffic won’t be counted on the plugin.

Show Counter on Front End:

This option lets you turn on or off the counter widget on your website for the users. You can also choose to show the counter on top of your website or the bottom of your website.

Enable Anonymize IP:

Anonymize the IP address for GDPR Compliance.

Rest all the options from the shortcodes section and check them out manually after installing the plugin.

Do let us know how you liked the plugin. We customize and add new features according to user requirements. We will be happy to bring something useful to your request.

We always welcome users’ advice. Please let us know your valuable suggestions about this plugin.

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